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Hi Welcome to our Hot Yoga studio here at Active Life Fitness at Everton Hills. We are a fitness center in North Brisbane.

We have two forms of yoga. Standard yoga which is slightly more chilled out, and we have Hot Yoga.

Yoga takes place here in this room, it is a lovely environment with a bamboo floor and infrared heating that comes from the ceiling. The room is heated to approximately 28 degrees.

Some of the benefits of Hot Yoga are increasing your flexibility and mobility, especially if you are stiff in the hips and the back.

Hot Yoga at Everton Hills is an excellent add on to your fitness program allowing you to stretch, flex and relax.

Whether you are a yogi or you are just starting out we’d love to see you at our class, it’s a great vibe, we have some really great instructors.

I urge you to come and try it if you haven’t.

We’d love to see you on the mat sometime soon.