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Karinda - Our Team - Active Life Fitness

"Let yourself be honest, authentic, true. You deserve to be known as uniquely you.”
"Tomorrow is a new day full of new possibilities.”
”If we let the hurtful words & actions of other people remain stuck in our heads, they become the lies we tell ourselves. YOU ARE NOT ANYONE ELSES OPINION OF YOU.”


K, Ginger, Poppie


Pretoria, South Africa

If you could do any other job for just one day, what would it be?

Philanthropist or a CSI detective

A little bit of fun...

Favourite Food?

All food......?! Cheese, creme caramel, freshly baked anything, peanut butter, vanilla cupcakes, seafood.

Favourite Movie/Book?

The notebook, Forest Gump,The Shack

What superpower would you choose?

The ability to travel between heaven and earth.

What would you love to be famous for?

For cheering people on, helping them achieve their full potential and including everyone.