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"Nothing works without exercise"


Physiotherapist: MHSci, PGD Manipulative Physiotherapy Exercise Physiology: PGD Clinically Applied Exercise Science
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition
ACE, AFAA + ESA Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Athletic Trainer (CAT)


Back Pain & Injury Rehab - especially when complex / resistant / or rehab has failed elsewhere.


I have been involved in health and fitness through my life.and seen my fair share of injuries. Through my personal experiences with physiotherapists and exercise psychologists, it gave me a strong desire to help people move past pain, injury and other health issues through exercise. With experience in body building, I know the potential we all have and the empowerment resistance training can bring. I love travel, health, fitness and wine tasting... (balance). Anything that can get me exploring and trying something new, I am there.


I am all about keeping it real, working within my capacity. Understanding (and acknowledging) my bodies limitations. Accepting that I am no longer in my 20's and need to exercise smarter with a focus on improving my current and future health! I am motivated by anything that challenges me, and am always finding new ways to push myself - whether for personal goals or helping other people fulfill theirs.

Favourite Food?

Feijoa's + Salmon (but not together...) Or (during happy hour) what goes best with the wine I am drinking.