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Think you need to spend hours at the gym to burn fat, improve fitness and see results? Well think again! It’s time to debunk gym myth #101 that a long workout equates to an effective workout. Too often we see people over-training and becoming discouraged with their lack of results.  Let us introduce you to this gem of a workout called HIIT Workout which will revolutionise the way you exercise. We also run HIIT classes here at Active Life on a Monday at 8:45am, Wednesday at 5:25pm, and Friday at 8:45am if that fits your schedule.

Most of us are busy, working individuals who do not have hours to dedicate to the gym. The longer the workout, the more of a chore it becomes and we slowly become complacent with our exercise habits. Let’s break this vicious cycle, change our mindset, create sustainable exercise expectations and change the way we workout!

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is designed to be a shorter workout, usually 10 to 30 minutes in duration and involves small bursts of intense exercises alternated with short recovery periods (Shortsleeve, 2017). This is your typical “20 seconds on” followed by “10 seconds rest” repeated for 8 – 16 times, also known as Tabata training. The intensity of the workout is performed at approximately 80% – 95% of an individual’s maximum heart rate so is great for building up your cardiovascular fitness (James Witts, 2018).

Interval training has become increasingly popular over the years due to the versatility and time efficiency of the workouts. HIIT can be performed with various types of exercises, including running, cycling, rowing and other free style type movements. The workouts can be performed by all fitness levels by simply tailoring the level of intensity. Most importantly, HIIT workouts deliver similar fitness results to those longer endurance workouts but within the shorter timeframe.

A study on HIIT from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Japan showed that participants who did a 4-minute HIIT workout, 4 times a week had greater aerobic improvements than those who had done an hour workout five days a week (James Witts, 2018). In addition, HIIT workouts tend to burn more calories than the traditional workout and continue to do so even after the workout is over. This is achieved during the post-exercise period known as the “EPOC” or the excess post exercise oxygen consumption in which the body uses energy to restore and recover itself. Due to the intensity of the HIIT workout, the EPOC period tends to be greater and thus burns approximately 15% more calories when compared to a regular workout (American College of Sports Medicine, 2014).

So are HIIT workouts effective? It’s a definite YES.

Benefits of HIIT Workout:  (Shortsleeve, 2017)

  • Burns more calories
  • Time-efficient way to exercise
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Improves aerobic & anaerobic fitness
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Burns fat whilst maintaining muscle mass
  • Fun & versatile way to exercise

So do you have 20 minutes to spare? Try this fat blasting workout that will make exercising that bit more exciting and will be sure to get the heart pumping.

Circuit One:

  • Squats
  • Plyometric lunges
  • Knee repeaters (left)
  • Knee repeaters (right)
  • Burpees

Circuit Two:

  • High knee running
  • Jumping jacks
  • Push ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Inch worms

The intervals for each exercise will be 45 seconds of high intensity exercise, and 15 seconds of rest. The rest will include getting ready for the next exercise. Repeat each exercise once through on the circuit, and then repeat the circuit twice, before moving to the second circuit. Please consult your doctor before engaging in high intensity style training. Otherwise, get HIIT’ing! (Cox, 2015).

If you are in North Brisbane we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Check out our Class Timetable and we’ll see you there!

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